Henge19 Music

Tim Cook is a singer, instrumentalist (violin, viola, recorders), and a member of Oxford Composers’ Workshop. He plays and sings in a variety of ensembles ranging from a cappella vocal groups, to chamber ensembles, choirs and orchestras.

His compositions cover all these and include a setting of Psalm 150 for choir and orchestra, extended cantatas, (Desiderata, The Remarkable Rocket), down to a setting of A Gaelic Blessing for recorder, violin and harp, as well as a Requiem, from which A Cosmic Collage, an installation in the Abbey was arranged.



The three musical components for HENGE were:

School Young Composers Project

In the first session we took lyrics by David Burns and composed a song to fit it. Then in the second session we worked with a bamboo flute and log drums to perform our song. This recording gives the music on more conventional instruments. Click here for more information on the Henge Young

Composers project

The drumming for the procession

Drumming was needed for the torchlit procession to the stones. Four of the stones contained loudspeakers and an additional, more powerful one, provided extra bass. Once the procession reached the stones the drumming was replaced by a more atmospheric soundscape.

Click to hear the drumming

The music for the private view of the ‘Lifting the Gaze’ exhibition

Background music was required for the Artists’ preview and for this I composed another setting of the same poem we used for the school project coupled with an instrumental version of the Celtic Blessing which I wrote for the abbey choir.

Click to hear the private view music

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