This route travels from Reading into Oxford and pulls into a bus stop which is a short walk from the village center
x39/x40 timetable and map via thames-travel

From Tuesday 16th May until further notice, Castle Street and Queen Street in Oxford City Centre will be closed. This will mean that our X2/X32/X34 and X39/X40 services will be affected, with stopping arrangements being temporarily revised for the duration of this closure.

The X39/X40 services coming from Reading/Wallingford will need to divert via Iffley Road and as such they will be unable to serve their regular stops along Abingdon Road and Castle Street.

These stops will include (Oxford bound only): opposite Canning Crescent, opposite Chatham Road, adjacent to Lincoln Road, adjacent to Lake Street, adjacent to Newton Road, adjacent to Whitehouse Road, Police Station P2 and Castle Street E1.

We will provide a drop-off only option along the diversionary route on Iffley Road.

Passengers wishing to travel from Reading/Wallingford to Abingdon Road are allowed to remain on the bus and be dropped off on its return route from Oxford.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


  • – Runs on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday to/from Wallingford
  • – It appears to Drop off within the village when coming back from Wallingford BUT the collection is a little more confusing.  We believe that you pick up the Bus in the way from Wallingford in the village, go to the Berinsfield roundabout and travel back from there.  But the timetable also says you can pick up from the bypass, so we are not 100% sure until someone uses the route and reports back.
  • – £3 for a single (but concessionary passes do apply)

timetable and map via goingforwardbuses

The Dorchester Flyer

Every Friday
Departs Dorchester (Herringcote): 10.15 12.00
Departs Wallingford (Corn Exchange): 11.40 13.00

The bus will stop at any of the bus stops in the village on request

£1.50 per single journey or £3.00 return if you buy a “Dorchester Flyer’ card giving 10 journeys for £15.00
(£4.00 return for one-off trips.)

Tickets must be purchased in advance; the bus drivers cannot take money.
Sorry, bus passes cannot be used.

Tickets are available from Lily’s

Lily’s Opening times are:
Monday–Saturday 9:00am–5:00pm
Sunday 10:30am–5:00pm
Closed Tuesdays
28 High Street, Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire OX10 7HN
Tel: 01865 340900

Cash or cheques only please!


There are several taxi services that come into the village. At the moment we don’t recommend any in particular, but you are likely best looking in your place of destination for a service there (as it will likely turn out cheaper).


Whilst we have several leisure walks from the village, they wont really get you to a local town due to distance. the closest shops outside of the village would be in Berinsfield though, which is only a short walk out of the village, and across a busy road.


At the moment, we have no documented cycling routes from the village. That said, cycling is the best way to get into Abingdon due to the distance, and that there is no free parking in the town. The paths are shared between pedestrians and cyclists to attempt to make this route a little bit safer. please keep to them, as segments of this route are at the national speed limit.

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