Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood watch – Making our community safer

Neighbourhood Watch is a national association run in cooperation with the Police. It was formed in the early 1980’s and has existed in the village for much of that time. It has a simple aim – To Make Communities Safer.

The village scheme currently comprises in excess of 20 individual schemes, each headed by a coordinator responsible for circulating relevant information to those households within each scheme. They cover the length and breadth of the village, although there are inevitable gaps – in some cases entire streets; in others, just parts of the longer ones. Approximately 60% of the village is currently covered.

Neighbourhood Watch operates at a number of levels:

  • In conjunction with the Thames Valley Police unit at Abingdon, from where messages are sent by email or telephone to our coordinators, are reviewed for relevance to our village, and then forwarded to households.

  • Within individual village schemes, where local information is exchanged between households, i.e. simple neighbourliness.

  • Across the village, where something arising in one part of the village may also be relevant to other parts of the village.

It is possible to access “Thames Valley Alerts” direct from source (i.e. without necessarily having to be a member of one of the village schemes) by logging onto the Thames Valley Alert website , taking the “Join” option and then working through the simple registration process.


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