Local business that will deliver during covid

We are once again in lockdown. Covid-19 is proving difficult to control, and new variants are appearing which appear to be easier to transmit. The good news is that the vaccination programme is proceeding well locally, which gives us some hope for the longer term.
But in the meantime, the virus is still very prevalent, and it is very important that we all abide by the rules. Indeed many of us will continue self-isolating over the next few weeks and months.

Please do look out for vulnerable neighbours, give them a call, offer to do shopping to leave on their doorstep, collect prescriptions, post letters for them etc

We know Dorchester does this type of thing anyway but please make an extra effort in the days ahead.

The Dorchester coronavirus volunteers are still available to anyone who needs any help advice or support. Don’t be afraid to ask!
Just email:    –   or phone 01865 340007

Covid-19 Support, Advice, Guidance from South Oxfordshire District Council is available at:

To see the Oxfordshire County Council covid-19 information go to;

During the current Coronavirus epidemic, the village website will be kept regularly updated and should be the first point of information for how it is affecting life in Dorchester. Log on regularly to find out what is happening at
The village also has a Facebook group open to village residents.

Geoffrey Russell
Clerk to the Council
5-7 High Street, Dorchester-on-Thames, OX10 7HH
Telephone & Text: 07745 311439

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