Lockdown Limericks

First, apologies that this post has taken so long to get out, I am sure it is old news to a lot of you, but I felt it may still be of interest to some.

While out exercising, or walking your dog you will come across some yellow and red A4 posters dotted around the Village titled “Lockdown Limericks”. Composed by our own villagers they are reflections on the strange times we’re living through – the Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020. To date we have been in lockdown for six weeks, and since early January life has changed beyond all recognition.

Limericks are brief, witty, memorable and familiar verses, providing one ideal format for recording and reminding us of our community experience of the pandemic.

Far from being trite, some of the limericks express our shared sadness of loss:

There has been a tragedy here.
Of a Thursday, she’s come out to cheer.
Now all that is left
Is a family bereft.
Cold coffee, and vaporised tears.

Others share our frustration with the Government’s response:

For this I make no apology
Our leaders are not what they ought to be.
They blag all the time
About taxes and crime
But they’re stumped on epidemiology

Many express our gratitude to the NHS and Careworkers:

So here’s to the critical workers
The dustmen and medic researchers.
I’ve written these verses
In praise of the nurses
And all who are there to support us.

Of course the creeping boredom of lockdown:

The lockdown has got me quite floored
I’ve read all the books that I stored.
And even at stages
I’ve read Yellow Pages
Do you think I’m a tiny bit bored?

There are 24 Lockdown Limericks and together they cover many aspects of our shared experience: admiration for Captain Tom, appreciation of the COOP, the scarcity of loo paper and pasta, the closure of our Village pubs, the disappearance of cold calls, putting on weight and much, much more.

Thank you to every villager who has contributed a verse. This time next year, and in five and ten years time we will recall this Great Pandemic in many different ways. Hopefully these limericks will help remind us of our shared experience, with a smile.

Adrian Brooks

A full list of Limericks can be found at on our main Lockdown Limericks page


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Posted on July 4, 2020 in Events in and around Dorchester

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