Neighbourhood Development Plan

Neighbourhood planning gives us, the community, the power to establish general planning policies for the land in our village.

  • Where do we want new homes?
  • Do we want any offices or other types of building?
  • What should they look like?

Neighbourhood Development Plans become part of the Local Plan and the policies contained within them are then used in the determination of planning applications.

It must be stressed that the policies produced cannot block development that is already part of the Local Plan. What they can do is shape where that development will go and what it will look like.


South Oxfordshire District Council

Dorchester-on-Thames Neighbourhood Plan Referendum for the Dorchester-on-Thames Neighbourhood Plan Area

held on 15 March 2018

I, Kerry Earp, being the Deputy Counting Officer at the Dorchester-on-Thames Neighbourhood Plan referendum, do hereby give notice that the number of votes cast is as follows:

Question: Do you want South Oxfordshire District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Dorchester-on-Thames to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

Votes Recorded Percentage
Number cast in favour of a Yes 398 95.9
Number cast in favour of a No 17 4.1


The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows: Number of ballot papers
A want of an official mark
B voting for and against the same question
C writing or mark by which voter could be identified
D being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty
Total 0

Electorate: 813

Ballot Papers Issued: 416

Turnout: 51.16 %

And I do hereby declare that more than half of those voting have voted in favour of the Dorchester-on-Thames Neighbourhood Plan.

The parish council has lead on developing a neighbourhood plan since 2012, with support and hard work from various members of the community. The plan and updated supporting documents are available here:

Referendum 15th March 2018

The Section 16 Submission has been completed and South Oxfordshire District Council have approved the NDP to progress to a Referendum to be held at the village hall on 15th March 2018.

If more people vote ‘yes’ than ‘no’ in the Referendum, then SODC will use the Dorchester on Thames Neighbourhood Development Plan to help it to decide planning applications within Dorchester on Thames.

The Neighbourhood Plan, once adopted, will then become part of the District Development Plan used by SODC.

If more people vote ‘no’ than ‘yes’, in this Referendum or there is a tied vote, then planning applications will continue to be decided without reference to the Neighbourhood Development Plan as part of the Development Plan for the local area.

Referendum version of the NDP

Section 16 Submission Documents Approved August 2017:

  • Neighbourhood Development Plan [pdf]
  • NDP Supplementary Documents [pdf]
  • Consultation Statement [pdf]
  • Basic Conditions Statement [pdf]

If approved, the plan will be put before the parish in a referendum and, if supported, will then be adopted by SODC. It will be reviewed two years after adoption, and then again at the five year point. Further information on progress and the referendum will appear in the Dorchester News and on this page nearer the time.

2017 Pre-submission consultation

The consultation period began on Monday 27th March and lasted for six weeks until Monday 8th May 2017.

Plan Pre-submission stage documents:

  • Dorchester-on-thames Neighbourhood development plan 2017 [pdf]
  • Supplementary Documents [pdf]
  • Appendices [pdf]

2016 Pre-submission consultation

The consultation period began on Wednesday 30th March and lasted for six weeks until Wednesday 11th May 2016.

Plan Pre-submission stage documents:

  • Dorchester-on-thames Neighbourhood development plan 2016 [pdf]
  • Supplementary documents and Appendices [pdf]

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