Henge19 Art

Art for Henge was curated by artist Miranda Creswell.

Twelve artists, working in various media, signed up for the project and were given a brief by Miranda. Over three months they were asked to explore the historic and contemporary landscapes between Dorchester and the River Thames, and to find their own place or places within it. Each artist produced at least one work of art for the exhibition ‘Lifting the Gaze’ in Dorchester Abbey Guest House (21st-22nd September 2019). The paintings, drawings, sketchbooks and photographs were accompanied by a brief written text which explained the inspiration and thinking behind the work. this text was covered at the exhibition, so that viewers of the art could look first, and then reveal the explanation.

Each artist also plotted the site of their work on a map. During the private view they were briefly questioned about their work in front of a full audience in the Guest House, and then the guests were invited to respond with their own thoughts.

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