The Autumn Flower Show, 2017

More than three hundred entries were a sure sign of your continuing support and the show went really well on the day. On behalf of the committee, thank you all for your hard work in preparing all those amazing exhibits, and thanks to all those who came along to see.

It is once again my pleasure to tell you that the judges were impressed by the continued high quality of the entries in our small but perfectly formed show.

A highlight this year was the first presentation of the Jenny Nudds Tomato Cup. Jenny presented the cup after retiring from the committee and she and Jerry Nudds each gave more than thirty years of service to the show. We owe them a lot, and their knowledge and experience will be much missed – thank you both. We now have Jenny’s cup and the Jerry Nudds plate for a Gentleman’s Fruitcake, so neither will be forgotten.

I would like to thank the committee members for all their hard work, i.e. for: schedule-agreeing, poster-making, poster-sticking, email-sending, plant-growing, plant-preparing, trophy-collecting, trophy-chasing, trophy-polishing, judge-booking, hall-booking, hall-preparing, banner-hanging, paperwork-doing, loads-more-paperwork-doing, prize-card stamping, email-sending, money-managing, float-preparing, tea-readying, raffle-prize-organising, entry-collecting, picking-up-scattered-small-change-off-Christina’s-doormatting, entrant-minding, judge-minding, result-running, prize-card-scribing, final-checking, tea-making, tea-selling, plant-selling, raffle-selling, door-guarding, prize-giving, non-winner-consoling, hall-clearing, hall-tidying, left-behind-entries-delivering, probably-quite-a-few-I-forgot(ing), and sorting the schedule for the next show.

Welcome to our new committee member John – he survived surprisingly well. And thank you to Dan Duke and Ian Brace for their publicity work.

The Spring Show will be on Saturday 7th April 2018 – we look forward to seeing you there.
David Wilkinson


Children’s classes

Make a paper hat

  • 1st Alistair Mucklow
  • 2nd Florence Townson
  • 3rd= Aemilia Fordova
  • 3rd=Charlotte Bristow

Adult Trophy Winners

  • Jenny Nudds Tomato Cup – best tomatoes. John Myres
  • Runner Bean Plate – best runner beans. Mike and Sue Kitson
  • Pat Cheese Potato Cup – best exhibit of potatoes. Charlotte Bennett
  • Vegetable Collection Plate – best collection of veg (Class 1). Donna Watkin
  • R Belcher Onion Cup – best onion exhibit. Charles Dickerson
  • Best Vegetable Award – best vegetable exhibit (not class 1). Charles Dickerson
  • Fruit Plate – best exhibit of fruit. Donna Watkin
  • Best Kept Allotment Tray – best allotment. Charlotte Bennett
  • Blackwell Photography Cup – best photo in show. Helen Russell
  • Jerry Nudds Fruit Cake Plate – Gents fruit cake. Howard Exton-Smith
  • Victoria Sandwich Award. Nick Foreman
  • Rose Plate – best rose in the show. Steph Forman
  • H C Smith Dahlia Cup – best exhibit of dahlias. Wendy Rapp
  • Floral Art Cup – best floral art exhibit. Donna Watkin
  • Britain in Bloom Cup – most points in flower classes. Alison Myres
  • Amey Rose Bowl – lady with most points in the show (other than flower classes). Donna Watkin
  • Amey Tankard – gentleman with most points in show. Charles Dickerson
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Posted on September 10, 2017 in Events in and around Dorchester

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