Thames Valley Police: Vamoose Burglaries

We have had a few vamoose burglaries in Didcot. A ‘Vamoose’ burglary is a name used by Thames Valley Police for a burglary that takes place specifically to the steal the keys to a high value or new vehicle.
Vamoose burglaries usually happen overnight when the occupants of a property are in bed asleep or whilst the home owners are away on holiday. Thames Valley Police would like to raise awareness as there has been a spate of recent offences across our Local Policing Area (LPA).

Recent offences have involved the offenders forcing entry to properties via the front door or a rear patio door. The ground floor of the property is then searched for the car keys. Typically, vehicle owners leave their car keys near to the front door or within a bag or coat pocket. The offenders will take the keys along with other nearby valuables such as phones/wallets, they then leave in your car! We are keen to prevent further offences and would like to offer you the following crime prevention advice:

• Hide your car keys away from windows and doors or take them up to bed with you
• If you are planning on going on holiday or will be leaving your property unoccupied for a period of time, consider leaving your car keys with a trusted neighbour or relative and where possible block your vehicles on driveways
• Ensure your doors and windows are locked, if you have a chain on the inside of your door, use it. Please see the home security leaflets enclosed for further useful advice
If you would like further advice on your home security, call 101. Ask for a member of your local Neighbourhood Policing Team to visit you.

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Posted on February 6, 2019 in Thames Valley Alert

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