Should there be a 2017 Festival?

Over the last 10 years we have raised over £105,000 for the Abbey and local charities and done a huge job raising awareness and creating opportunities for schools (as well as having some fun in the process!). This is an amazing achievement for a small village and something to be really proud of, but which still, to me, feels a small gesture considering how hugely fortunate we are to live privileged lives in a beautiful place.

We need to make a decision in the next few weeks about whether we will do it all again next year. This year’s decision is much more difficult for me because, following a year of serious illness, I need to be sure that next year’s Festival is not a personal commitment too far!

Many people in the village gave their time to deliver last year’s Festival so I need to know if anyone would consider doing more this time or perhaps getting involved for the first time. I know from early soundings that we need some party/bash/ball and food/craft fair organisers. Both have been done many times now so have all the material ready to go, and the groups only met about 6 to 8 times over the year, although there was, of course, valuable work done outside those meetings.

I have already been approached by charities keen to benefit from another Festival and you may be involved in a local charity that could be next year’s partner – but without more help there is a real chance that 2017 won’t happen. Please do offer your support if you can.

Steph Forman


To help volunteer, please do go to the village festival page, and use the contact form.  Or contact Steph directly using the details in the June edition of the Dorchester News

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Posted on July 26, 2016 in Events in and around Dorchester

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