Parish Council Notices


At the uncontested Parish Council Elections which took place on Thursday 2nd May the following Councillors were elected: Michael Corran, Maurice Day, Chris Hill, Michael Rimmer, Keith Russell and Mark Williams. At the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council which took place on Wednesday 8th May the following were co-opted to the Council: Rob Ballantyne and Viviane Quirke.

Officers 2019/20

Following the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council which took place on Wednesday 8th May the Chairman of the Parish Council is now Cllr Mark Williams and the Vice-chairman is Cllr Rob Ballantyne.

June Meeting

The June Meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Wednesday 12th June. The meeting will take place in the back room of the Village Hall. The Agenda will be posted on Parish noticeboards and on the Parish Council section of the Village website – – three clear days in advance of the meeting.

All Parish Council meetings are open to the public; a resident who wishes to raise any matter of concern is welcome to do so at the start of the meeting.

Contacting the Parish Council

The Parish Clerk is Geoffrey Russell of The Pigeons (next to The Fleur de Lys), 5-7 High Street, Dorchester-on-Thames OX10 7HH

Telephone (during normal office hours, please, unless an emergency) 07745 311439. Text messages are always welcome. e –mail:

For information about the Parish Council go to This includes the minutes of all Parish Council Meetings and financial information such as monthly bank balances and payments as well as a record of all planning matters upon which the Parish Council has been consulted and reports from our County and District Councillors.

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Posted on May 12, 2019 in Events in and around Dorchester

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