Museum display – Edith Stedman material – can you help?

Does anyone have any of the following they would be willing to donate/lend to the Museum for the forthcoming (delayed) celebration of the museum’s establishment in 1960?

  • Article from a US magazine entitled ‘A Yankee face on the Abbey wall’ by Linda Payne Williams, probably written in the mid-1970s when her corbel was put up. We have the original pages, but the name and date of the magazine are missing.
  • Any photos of Edith with the Queen Mother – we have several pics of the Queen Mother’s visit, but none of her with Edith, only one reproduced in the magazine article mentioned above
  • programmes for festivals in the 1960s, especially 1960 itself.
  • photographs of the museum interior, especially from the early days
  • photographs of Edith Stedman herself, or any other ‘Edith’ items

And do you have any personal ‘Edith stories’ – I know there are a few people in the village who remember her!

Your help would be greatly appreciated

Margot Metcalfe

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Posted on February 18, 2021 in Events in and around Dorchester

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