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It has been a while since we shared any Footsteps stories with you so I hope that you will enjoy hearing about a young welsh lad Cory, who is making great progress at Footsteps:

Cory’s Footsteps

Cory, age 8 has been coming to Footsteps for a year year, and has had four sessions. We chatted to his mum Emma about their experiences

Tell us about what brought you to Footsteps:

“When he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a little boy, his prognosis was bleak. We were warned that he would never walk, sit or talk. Throughout my journey of finding the best support for Cory, I have tried a lot of different therapies and you get know what works quite quickly – with Footsteps we knew straight away. We drive from Wales, and have to pay for accommodation in the area, but you do what you have got to do”

What improvements, if any, have you noticed since coming to Footsteps?

“Cory’s stability is much better and transferring between positions. The other day he tried to take his first steps! London Orthotics, where he goes for fittings for his splints – they noticed the difference right away and were impressed with the improvement in a year! 2 years ago we went for a power wheelchair as I had given up any chance of him walking – now I have hope! He wasn’t supposed to even sit up by himself and now he’s walking along with a rollator!”

What do you do in between Footsteps Sessions?

“I also see the improvements at home after a session. Him being able to transfer his own weight from wheelchair and sitting has saved my back. I used to have constant back pain – that’s gone now. We are a very proactive family – Cory loves the TV but we try and keep him busy in other ways. My husband does therapy with him at home with parallel bars and a rollator whenever he can and we want him to join in whatever we do. We are really outdoorsy and even took him to the summit of Pen Y Fan”

Does Cory enjoy the sessions here?

Cory is non-verbal but I know him – he enjoys the sessions! He is happiest on his feet – so even though he can’t talk I know he is happy and heading towards fulfilling his dream.

Sum up Footsteps for us in a sentence:

“Wish I’d found it earlier!”

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Posted on March 16, 2019 in Events in and around Dorchester

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