Water Meadow Walk

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No Miles Turn Directions / Notes
1 0.003 Head up Queen Street
2 0.178 As the road starts to bend to the left, turn right onto Martins Lane
3 0.242 Keep an eye out for a left turn down a small track
4 0.283 Once you hit the corner of a field, turn right, and follow it along, keeping an eye out for red kite in the field
5 0.463 Cross the bridge into the water meadow, then turn left to walk around the perimeter
6 0.899 Cross the bridge to leave the water meadow, going past an old lake, and up a lane
7 0.986 Turn left onto the road, and walk up towards the main road
8 1.156 Cross the road (as it is wider on the far side) and walk back up to the high street
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