Walk up Wittenham Clumps

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No Miles Turn Directions / Notes
1 0.058 Head down the gravel road called ‘Rotten Row’
2 0.119 Go through the village allotments
3 0.284 Keep an eye out on the right for the public footpath sign which looks to be just up a drive
4 1.030 Go over the river
5 1.210 Go through the wooden gate marked ‘Earth Trust’ and start to make your way up the hill
6 1.610 Enjoy the view and the sign showing all you can see (on a clear day). Then start to walk around the didcot site of the clumps, enjoying the view on all sides
7 1.755 Head across to the other hill, and go in, as there is a path through the middle
8 2.157 Head down, and into a short woodland walk
9 2.546 Back through the field we were in earlier, to get back to the lock
10 2.980 Go around the bridge and underneath to walk through the fields
11 3.635 Before crossing the river, turn left
12 3.941 Take a quick look in the pill box before skirting along the right hand side of the field
13 4.069 If it’s a weekend, you can get some tea or a cake here to enjoy whilst you walk back up the street, and into Dorchester again
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