Walk to Warborough

Fancy a nice walk through fields to one of our neighbouring village with a thatched pub, large village green, and childrens play area?  Then this may be the walk for you.

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No Miles Turn Directions / Notes
1 0.000 Start by walking up Queen street from the main HighStreet
2 0.053 Turn right onto Manor Farm Rd until you reach a field at the end. Note that you will veer to the left before reaching the actual manor house though
3 0.538 Walk through the field and head under the road underpass
4 0.975 Turn right
5 1.601 Turn right onto Thame Rd/A329
6 1.866 Turn right to stay on The Green S
7 1.872 Turn left to stay on The Green S
8 2.448 Turn left here onto the millenium walk through the field
9 2.877 Turn left at the end of the route, taking you past some houses, and pack to the village green
10 3.401 Slight left onto Thame Rd/A329
11 3.594 Turn right onto Green Ln
12 4.980 Turn right onto Henley Rd
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