Walk to Harcourt Arboretum

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No Miles Turn Directions / Notes
1 0.058 Head down the gravel drive called ‘Rotten Row’
2 0.119 Walk through the village Allotments
3 0.281 Keep an eye out for a public footpath sign on your right, just a few feet up a driveway
4 0.321 Walk through the field (trying to work out what is being grown)
5 0.478 Turn right at the bottom of the field
6 0.869 Take a slight detour through the field, heading directly for the lock and bridges
7 2.243 Keep an eye out for the Leonard Cheshire pink sign on the opposite side of the river
8 3.027 Earth Trust
9 3.534 Half way, if you need a drink, there is a pub on your right here before you continue
10 3.720 Watch for the right turn here. The sign is a little hidden, and it does look like you are walking up someones gravel drive. Just make sure you don’t walk into someones house, and you should be fine
11 3.841 Be careful crossing the road. you should be fine, but if you need traffic lights, there are some down the road if you turn right
12 4.066 Remember to turn right here, if you reach the fenced science park, you have gone too far
13 4.307 Follow the bend of trees to the left
14 4.582 Watch out for the huge ‘no trespassing’ sign on the left. Directly on the right, is a public footpath sign into the coppice, take this
15 5.134 Another hidden sign on the left, over a small bridge, and into a field
16 5.326 Careful here, the path might appear to split a little, keep to the left, and walk along the right hand side of a fenced garden (keeping in parallel with the other path)
17 5.689 Turn right at the farmhouse, heading up to a hay store on the hill
18 6.178 Turn right onto the road/track at the entrance to the ‘Global Retreat Centre’
19 6.881 The final hidden path on the right, head through here, and keep going until you reach the road
20 7.196 Stay on the grass verge, and just walk along to the Arboretum
21 7.363 You have made it. If you need some food and/or drink, just opposite is a road, walk along the road for about 10minutes, and you will reach the Seven Stars, which is a community owned pub
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