Survey: Unlocking the digital potential of rural areas

Here is something we found which we felt would be of interest to all those that may have small businesses, work from home, or anything along those lines. are running a survey to try to ascertain what those in rural communities are using as far as technology and broadband are concerned, and also what would be most useful to improve this area.

If you have time, please take a look at the online survey below to let everyone know how your business is using technology, and how it could be improved for the benefit of yourselves, and the community at large.

Unlocking the digital potential of rural areas – research

Rural England CIC and Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) have launched a research project, supported by Amazon, to explore the economic potential where businesses in rural areas take-up digital opportunities arising from broadband, mobile and other networks.

This project will take an independent look at businesses’ use of digital connectivity, including how they use it, what benefits arise, what barriers they face and what future potential they see, especially if barriers can be overcome.

This is an important topic for the future of the rural economy and its varied businesses. The e-economy is driving business efficiency, productivity and competitiveness, and is changing the way some go about their business.

Your views will be valuable to the project whether you run a farm, a retail outlet, a tech company or something else entirely. You could be a sole trader or a large employer, a PLC or a social enterprise, a recent start-up or a long established firm.

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Posted on August 11, 2017 in News and Articles

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