Historical Society : the history of pubs, shops and businesses in Dorchester

Margot Metcalfe, Gail Thomas and Denise Line will talk about their research project:

‘Up the Street’: the history of pubs, shops and businesses in Dorchester

We look at how local businesses have evolved, especially since the 1850s, using a variety of sources such as census data, directories, photographs, family records and local knowledge. Our special focus is on shops, pubs and trades, and the families engaged in them, in some cases over several generations. We also draw on oral history and local memories to show how things have changed, especially in the last few decades.
We hope that many residents will bring their own memories and memorabilia, so that we can take the project forward. We are very grateful to those who have already shared their stories.

Looking forward, the speaker on April 24th will be Tony Hadland on ‘Covert Catholics of the Dorchester area’.

Visitors and new members are always very welcome to our talks and outings.
Margot Metcalfe, Chairman

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