Dorchester Museum News – February 2022

Edith Stedman’s Yankee in an English Village – The Perfect Gift!

Edith Stedman, a retired American academic, visited Dorchester every summer for about 20 years. She contributed extensively to the Abbey and the village and set up the Museum. Reissued 50 years after its original publication, Edith’s charming and amusing account of life in Dorchester during the 1950s-1970s, with detailed explanatory notes by Margot Metcalfe. Beautifully illustrated with twelve pages of photos of Edith and the village during her time here. Price £9.99.

Available from the Wallingford Bookshop or Dorchester Co-op, or Dorchester Abbey Museum, via Linda Hender,11 Page Furlong, 01865 340032,

NB a few early copies of this book were faulty: if you bought your copy at the Historical Society meeting on 24 November or the Museum Xmas Shopping afternoon on 27 November, please check that it is complete. Faulty copies have omitted the new preface by Margot Metcalfe, or have this preface at the back only, or at both the back and front. Please return any faulty copies to Linda Hender (details above) to exchange for a new copy. Copies purchased after 27 November are printed correctly.

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Posted on January 24, 2022 in Events in and around Dorchester

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