Changes to bus services serving Dorchester

138 (The Midsomer Route)

The new 138 service from Dorchester to Wallingford has a revised timetable. From 13th November the service runs from on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, but there are more journeys.

Bus leaves Dorchester at: 10.26 11.11 13.05 15.25

Bus leaves Wallingford at: 10.15 11.00 12.50 15.10

This is now called The Midsomer Routes!

X38/X39/X40 (The River Rapids)

Thames Travel has made significant improvements to the services that run along the by-pass between Oxford, Wallingford, Reading and Henley. There are now three services an hour to Oxford or to Wallingford and beyond. And the X39/X40 service from Oxford to Reading is now joined by the X38 from Oxford to Henley.

And this is now called now called The River Rapids services!

The Dorchester Flyer

We clearly started a trend when we named our parish bus The Dorchester Flyer!

This continues to run on Fridays.

Bus leaves Dorchester at: 10.15 12.00

Bus leaves Wallingford at 11.40 13.00

It’s a great way to visit Wallingford market without having to park, which is a nightmare on Fridays!

Tickets need to be bought in advance from Lily’s

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Posted on November 20, 2017 in Events in and around Dorchester

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