A big “Hello” to Dorchester

Hello to everyone in the village of Dorchester-on-Thames, even those that are not reading this on the website. For those that do not yet know, my name is Daniel Duke, and I am going to start updating the website with posts, as well as helping it grow over the coming months/years, as well as managing the all-new @DorchesterOx Twitter account (please follow and send us a message).

My wife (Siobhan) and I moved into the village in September last year, just around the corner from the high street. It has taken time to settle ourselves in, but have loved our time here so far (especially some of the community events such as the fireworks display). We are from the south west of England, but have spent several years in London recently (which is where I started my learning journey into the world of website development), before moving back onto into a more rural community.

But “how are we going to improve the website” I hear you ask?

Well, firstly we need YOUR help. This website is built for us all to use, so please let us know which areas you like (maybe using the new Twitter account, or contact form), and which aspects you feel need a little more work. Whilst we have our own ideas, the more input we get, the better we can mould it for everyone.

Not sure what to say?

How about a few examples then:

  • More walks
  • Better support/promotion for local business’
  • Regular news updates
  • A community calendar
  • …your ideas here

Thank you again to everyone we have met in the village so far, and all those we are going to meet.

Daniel Duke
a resident web developer in Dorchester-on-Thames

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Posted on February 29, 2016 in News and Articles

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