Mari Metcalfe

My art is influenced by a sense of place – the Pilgrimage I take to make sense of a place, and the woman I am in the time and place where I find myself.

This Henge project pulls together many aspects of my life, as a reflection upon my Celtic heritage of the British Isles, and the influence of the indigenous Aborigines from the land of my birth, Australia. The present Australian Aborigines are the living descendants of the Neolithic era, but they are still maintaining their Sacred Sites and their Rock Art as they walk the Songlines to express their Dreaming, both past and present.

Whereas Britain is now a place of ‘used to be’ as it goes through an identity crisis. We do not know the future and we certainly are separate from our ancestors and what they did on this land. We can only guess at the use of a cursus or a henge.

For me, I love maps, ley lines, pilgrimage and the journey. I intertwine trees and stones to tell a story. It is the story of a woman who travels through time, and now lives in this place, where the inhabitants have left lines of scars, from forest to agriculture to gravel pits to motorways to affordable housing, sailing, sport, and climate crisis.

I find myself wanting to return to the wild woods of nature.

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