Christine Payne

My work always derives from my relationship with the land and I have recently come to recognise the importance of writing as an exploratory form for my ideas. The act of being located in place is fundamental to my creativity and recognising the importance of process in the journey are my work. I have rid myself of a perceived constraint of trying to get somewhere with an outcome in mind and allow unconscious observations to emerge.

Inhabiting a rapidly changing world we urgently need to evolve to make a sustainable future. I collaborate with others to expand possibilities, creating spaces where we shift thinking. Henge19 brings this into sharp focus.

My contribution to Henge19 aims to waken the senses through tactile use of materials and uses text to share my thoughts. I hope others will find this interesting and resonate with their internal dialogue when walking in the landscape.

I have an MA in Social Sculpture and Connective Practice, a degree based on the Arts, with a focus on the History of Art and I taught Art in schools for many years. I have produced photographic work, printmaking, painting, and worked with graphic materials, but my interest has recently focused on working with others to develop new innovative forms.

Hidden, by Christine Payne

Locating myself in an ancient landscape leads me to close noticing. I discover that which is hidden within the landscape and myself and I share my thoughts with you.

This piece is a key to encourage an awakening of our senses, to nurture an internal space, opening up possibilities and unlocking the hidden. Sustainability starts with, our sense of self, our inner voice and being. We have a need to be grounded and our sense of location is vital.

Viewers at the exhibition were invited to: ‘place yourself at a location in the landscape tomorrow for 5 minutes and notice how your senses are awakened. You may, like me, find closing your eyes, holding a pebble, feather or leaf heightens the experience encouraging thoughts and images to emerge. This box is storage place for our thoughts.’

Sharing our experiences often leads to a feeling of being heard and a feeling of being connected.

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